Through my lens, they were not a well-known artist and a talented designer. They were the most important thing of all, two people in love.

Like the iridescent side of a bubble where the sunlight hits, this wedding inspiration is bursting with luxe colors and fine details.

If I had just one word to describe Vasiliki and Arnoud’s wedding, that would be “Elegance”.

Are You Ready to begin?

Let’s save your feelings forever.

To photograph feelings is to hold someone’s breath forever. Let’s make your
wedding day breathtaking.



Flowers and satin, champagne and kissing in the altar, a new beginning. I’m fascinated with being part of your wedding day.

Elegant wedding destination and film wedding photography in Athens Greece


Jacobo was absolutely amazing!
We chose him not only for his photographic editorial like talent but also for his great, cheerful and kind personality. Jacobo is more than just a wedding photographer, he helped us structure our big day to guarantee the best photo opportunities. He simply made our wedding day go so smooth, he helped us keep the schedule and have fun the entire time. The best part was he made us smile and feel beautiful all day long. I can't recommend him enough, truly a great friend and photographer!