Being a film wedding photographer, I get to experience so many places and so many islands dressed their best for wedding days. One of these is Spetses, where you truly feel as if you’ve stepped into another world. Furthermore, a Spetses wedding day is a dream. All these customs, the beautiful corners, the breathtaking view.

However, I often find myself wandering around looking for moments to save for myself. A forgotten building, the cobblestone streets, the large mosaic with the dolphins near the dapia. As I shoot this, a two-horse carriage passes. The sound of their steps travels me to an era where everything was simpler and richer in meaning.

Sometimes you simply have to walk for a while, observe and shoot for yourself. Moreover, sometimes you need to go back and remember why you started. You need to fill your 35mm with things important to you. Your photographs should not only consist of tulle and diamond rings. Finally, sometimes shooting the sea shimmering in the sunlight is all your portfolio and your mind needs.