-Picture-Perfect Destination Wedding in Athens-

Rusul and Newar chose for the magical moment of their destination wedding in Athens the unique byzantine Mansion Hatzi. Furthermore, it is established in the outstanding area of the Athenian riviera. The sea view there is magical! In addition, cobbled paths and an olive grove featuring 250-year-old sculpture-like trees surround the Mansion. Moreover, our beloved couple shared moments of true love and happiness among friends and family.

A wedding in summer is always full of energy and love and especially in the Athenian Riviera, a summer wedding is guaranteed to be an affair all the guests will remember forever. Moreover, it’s a lovely opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and location, lay back and simply enjoy the precious moments.

After the ceremony, it was time for a glorious party! For the decorations, the planners chose elements of elegance and ivory colored roses. Additionally, the cascading forms and live painting by Melina Koenmade made everyone feel welcome! For this destination wedding in Athens, the floating chandeliers of the Mansion created the ideal backdrop. Certainly, planning by Evgenia Limantzaki and her team was magic. For Rusul and Newae, this was a once in a lifetime celebration and a true representation of them.

I am really happy I got to capture this luxurious destination wedding in Athens and add it to a portfolio of really intimate and lovely weddings. The vibrancy of not only the couple but the wedding guests will forever stay in my heart!

Jacobo Pachón is a film wedding photographer based in Athens. Fine art wedding photographer in Greece, Greek islands, Spain and available for destinations weddings around the world.