Delicate + Romantic Engagement in Athens

You know true love once you see it and this couple has sparks flying everywhere they go and each time they lock eyes. More importantly, you know true love once you capture it to preserve it forever. The engagement session took place in Athens, is a full bloomed meadow with spring flowers and sunshine, to mark the couple’s romantic aura and emotions. The connection of these two people shone through their every move and their vibrant energy gave life to the session. Young love, nothing clearer, nothing purer than two people ready to start a life together, a promising journey through everything.

Scheduling an engagement photography session is important to establishing a solid communication with your photographer and it gives you an idea for what to expect on your wedding day. An engagement shoot can aide the understanding of your photographer’s style and help you feel confident in front of the camera. In addition, it builds trust between the photographer and the couple, having an impact on the photographs on your big day. When it comes to destination wedding photography, and engagement session is important to familiarize the couple with the location of the wedding, making them feel connected with the place that will mark the start of their lives together. 

Jacobo Pachón is a film wedding photographer based in Athens. Fine art wedding photographer in Greece, Greek islands, Spain and available for destinations weddings around the world.

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