MY STORY (or 3 times in life that brought me where I stand today)
One morning having coffee and toast I read an article about people traveling the world. That moment I knew I wanted to do the same. After 6 months, and a bit of preparation, I was heading to Italy to start my round the world trip.

When I was 14 I watched for the first time the movie 'The Big Blue', the images of Greece stroke me, some years later I am sitting in my apartment in the suburbs of Athens.

A good friend of mine was celebrating his birthday. One of his presents was a photography book about Henri Cartier Bresson. Going through the pages I fell for film photography, and in my first long trip I learned how to love it.

Making good pictures means to love photography itself, to let it grow inside, and to discover life behind the lens.

Having a terrible case of sweet tooth and with one rule in mind #alwaysleavespacefordessert I'm sure to photograph your wedding cake, your dessert table, and all your beautiful details as if they've just come out of a magazine editorial!
You like your smartphone and your selfies? I won't say no! I like my simple phone -a lot- and promise you won't hear it ring as we shoot. Besides, I've got the perfect gear with me to have you look stunning in every photo!
The great outdoors always had me, in fact I took the round of Spain on my bike! If your wedding is all about an al fresco ceremony I'll make certain that we capture all this magical light in your images!
Kindness and laughter are gifts, and I love making people laugh ... not so ironically ... weddings are about tears too, tears because you laughed so hard, or tears because you love so much! I'm here to capture it all!

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