The Athenian Riviera has a special character of its own. It’s the Mediterranean landscape
with a twist and colors rich and deep. This wedding was a shot of Capri sunshine and
Italian flair in the middle of the Athenian Riviera with ancient Greece vibes or what
happens when a swanky art curator meets a business savvy tycoon!

The colors of the wedding were summery and delightful, yellow with pops of refreshing green. Capri lemons, luscious daphne leaves, and delicate chamomile flowers made the atmosphere smells like a dream! The elegant stationery, the chandeliers, the flowers, and all the bits and bobs created the most beautiful wedding day! Mia and Dušan wanted lots of fine and luxurious details for their wedding day. Everything was very fashionable and modern without losing their elegance and sophistication. Mia chose an A-line wedding dress with a subtle ancient greek style and gold jewels that sparkled under the afternoon sun. Also, she chose bejeweled black (oh yes!) wedding shoes that screamed style! Dušan in his white tuxedo was giving major Bond-like vibes and a bon viveur flair that made everyone swoon. However, the ultimate touch of sophistication was the antique vehicle that carried the newlyweds to their honeymoon and subsequently the rest of their lives! However, all the material things in the world would not suffice if it wasn’t for emotion and this wedding day was filled with love. The ceremony was especially warm and beautiful since the father of the bride was the priest that united the couple forever in the sacrament of holy matrimony. You can imagine how moved everyone was and how much this union meant to both the couple and the quests. Getting to capture this wedding day was such a warm experience, full of excitement and love. Everyone was glowing!