The Secret


It was amazing to witness this visual narrative unfold,  in layers and textures of foliage, precious metals, clocks and mirrors, bold lavish florals matched with pastels and spellbinding art de la table with unconventional accents.

This wedding editorial brought to life by the talented team of ‘The 12 Events’ was inspired by the lore and magic of famous folkloric tales.  From the couple’s beach ceremony in front of a lighted moon made of pampas grass to the alternative blue-jay dress of the bride, and from the luxurious decadent ambiance to the temptation of ornate candy and cakes, everything was invented with the same rule in mind: there are no rules in how maximal, or extravagant a wedding can be. It is all about having fun and realizing our dreams. A couple’s wedding photography is storytelling so there is hardly a reason why this story can’t be a fairytale itself.

Are You Ready to Begin?

Great photography is light and feelings.

Wedding photography is magic waiting to happen. We’ll save it forever.