Like the iridescent side of a bubble where the sunlight hits, this wedding inspiration is
bursting with luxe colors and fine details. Inspired by a modern wedding mentality, this
styled shoot aims to excite the young and in love, the unconventional ones and those who
want nothing classic, nothing seen before!

Our wedding gown was a piece of art! Truly, the bridal Costarellos dress with lilac and amethyst colored hand-painted blooms and pale lilac-blue embroidery design was a vision! The Casadei shoes and the diamond and sapphire jewelry added the appropriate pizazz to this eclectic bridal look! Moreover, a perfectly tailored suit in a modern silhouette made our groom as debonair as it gets. The flower décor of the affair was otherworldly. Our talented florists created an unexpected yet oh-so-beautiful combination of green hydrangeas and regal purple calla lilies. Their delicate stems peaking through the bouquet or dipped in water were so unique, we simply have never seen anything like it! Inspired by all the luxurious hues in the flowers and the bridal styling, we created a lavish tablescape with iridescent crystal glasses, golden details, and the most beautiful watercolor name and menu cards (matching with our unique stationery, of course!). Also, the wedding favors with the silk ribbons and the desserts were swoon-worthy! All these colors combined with the ambiance of the villa overlooking the Athenian Riviera created the most beautiful setting for the unconventional and modern bride and groom!

Wedding film photography inspiration in the Athenian Riviera Greece

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