Ever since I became a Greece wedding photographer there have been hundreds of brides and grooms to ask
me why I love this wedding destination so much. I would need to write a book about this, but the first and
foremost is because Greece not only is a paradise on earth but when documenting romantic love stories this
country has the most incredible light! As a film wedding photographer I must tell you that film LOVES light!
There is so much natural beauty to capture every time I photograph a destination wedding on one of the
gorgeous Greek isles, or one of the myriad wedding destinations this land is blessed with. Athens Riviera
weddings shining like a string of diamonds under the stars, Monemvasia weddings that carry this noble feel
of the Old Castle Town, Estate weddings corseted by gardens and spectacular views over the Aegean, are
definitely some of my favorite to document on film.
This beautiful South Mediterranean country is on my top list of destinations for a special wedding day! If
you are passionate about island vibes, azure blue waters, stunning views and warm weather almost every
season of the year, whether your wedding celebrations take you to narrow pebbled streets or picture
perfect islands like Mykonos and Santorini, my exclusive photography services will guide you every step of
your journey in Greece.
Not only will I document your Big Day but I will let you in on my secret sauce as a Greece wedding
photographer. It is one part love and one part mission. The love you will get to feel immediately after you
contact me, the mission will be to create the most special wedding collection, safe keep your fondest
memories and above all to make you happy.
I will be traveling everywhere in Greece to document weddings, engagements, wedding proposals and
wedding celebrations during the wedding season 2018, so if you would like to know more about my Greece

wedding photography services, please get in touch and we will create truly timeless imagery together.

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